Friday, December 2, 2011

my version of the never ending story-: re-search

Recently, I had a discussion with my supervisor- apart from other important things we discussed, this was the interesting part of the conversation I want to share:

SV: You need to get ready with all the proteins. Purify and freeze dry them before Christmas.
Me: OK. *jot down the instruction; I must work hard to get those protein ready*
SV: Then, I shall talk to one of our project collaborators in Southampton for a training course on cell infection for you to attend.
Me: OK. Thank you, I really need that! *Yippie*
SV: Maybe after new year too, I will need to send you to Dublin for another training; playing with the lung cells. N yes, you have to bring along The Proteins.
Me: OK. I really hope we get some interesting results from the experiments. Most probably there'll be, right? since the proteins are antigenic to the host *Again, travelling! Yahoo!!!*
SV: It will be exciting journey. And yes, most probably we can get something from the project. And we need to see whether we can visualize the changes or not. Erm, I'm thinking, perhaps, in January too, you can present a seminar on our research bacground and updating the progress of the project at department level.
Me: smile and keep silent. *WHAT? SO SOON?! NOT OK!!*

OMG, there goes all the fun... welcome CHALLENGES! yeah, right..hahaa
I do hope it goes just as we have planned, though. Smooth sailing please :D


Have a pleasant weekend everyone! May Allah shower His blessing to you and me :) May He guide our soul to find the truth, teach us to be patient, to love and give more and to have mercy on others who are less fortunate than us.
Ameen :)