Sunday, March 22, 2009

massey uni, palmy

this is what i think of the univ i.e my personal view.. first time i thought palmy is similar to malaysia sbb on the way nk ke rmh kmaz from the airport, rumah2, roads and ambient dia mmg cam kat m'sia. so i think this can't be that bad...i'll be fine..hehehe...
lps dah pandai jln2 skit2 kat area ni, baru ku tahu how kiwis' lead their life...i shall start with the hall/ hostel-wise..mmg bagus sbb tkde rules yg kata u must come back b4 12am if not the gate will close..kat sini each individual whom lived in courts/halls whatever we want to address it, is given an electronic device (motorola). u just tap it on the electronic box then the gate will unlock. so kesimpulannye, u can come back whenever u wished! satu lg, hostel dia lengkap i won't surprise if the students here are all good in their cooking n baking skills..
okay, now the univ as a whole story..building dia ada yg tua n ada yg baru gak....the new ones are marvellous..cantik bangat seh! diorang pakai access card to gain tu just for the hopkirk building..yg len mesti ada card tu untuk masuk after office hour..dia bg kat staffs and postgrad security tu i think bagus lah..library dia tk besh sgt lg our vet fac,upm punye..lots of new books...psl makan plak..mknn ruji sini adalah wedges..hahaha..sbb tu je yg blh tibai kat dining hall for lunch...nk amik salad pon kene tny ada traces of meat ke tk..jgn terus order okay!hahaha..oh, satu lg yg blh mkn fish n chips dia lah...dia kata everything is halal but they also sell bab1 so, beef ka apa berani che' nk mkn...
satu lg psl massey is that kawasan dia tk besaq cam upm indah permai..besar..sini nk gi ke mana2 fac pon bisa jln dong.i likeee...bas services to town FOC for massey students..tu yg plg best sebenarnye...tap ur id card then u can hv ur seats..hurray!
org kat sini mmg pentingkan kesihatan gamaknye..tgh2 hr pon bisa berjogging ya?? time keje pon leh cabut ke gym..gym dekat ngan hall yg i stay..nk tk nk, register lah sbb dulu tk skrg nk cube prog dia mmg syiok ooo...sweating thp pas tu sendiri mau ingat lah brother..sakit bdn bkn kepalang..huhuhu..stamina depa kuat giler! continuous steps gituh for 1 hour! i pancit gak lah bbrp kali....malunyeee kat mak cik2 omputih nk buat camner kan..i'm just a typical non-sports' girl in the town..ahaks!
shopping centre diorang tutup awal sgt lah..ikut office hour jugak..weekends lagilah..4pm je closed..nk niage ke idak depa nie? inilah part plg bosan utk org yg sgt suke perabih duit for shopping....walaupon dia tutop awal, can i save my money when almost every weekend i go for shopping??huhuhu..pas beli brg je i nk nangis sedey pikir duit yg dilaburkan...wuaaaaaa!!!!
apape pon, i thank Allah for giving me the chance of furthering my studies here..tmpt ni sesuai utk jiwa yg sukakan ketenangan and kesejukan...hihihi...ok lah, post ni takat ni je..sdh mengantuks lor..mau titot..

Friday, March 20, 2009


it's more than amonth now since i stepped into NZ specifically PN/ palmy..i was welcomed with heavy rain..basah kuyup che' tak pa..hujan kan 1 rahmat...alhamdulillah ksha was free that time so she picked me up at the small airport. i was going to kmazidah's place first b4 going to my place in kairanga court. i was so touched to know that they organized small mkn2 for came along in the rain were jue, bae and amri..sian depa, basah gak..jlln bertiga under 1 umbrella..huhuhu..they were very warmed and make me feel like tau je lah, after 13-14 hours flight n no rest, it was a disaster for me..mulalah malas nk bukak mulut bersuare..bkn sombong just tak adjust time lagi..hahaha..foods were great! thanks y'all :D
1 bende lagi actually banyak bende sebenarnye, they are very kind hearted, helpful and caring..anything that i need they will try their best to u all!!
yg peliknye when they asked whether or not i feel homesick or waana cry, i said NO??tp mmg betui pon, even when my family n friends sent me to the airport, i didn't cry! fact i felt really3X bored during the flight..but, hehehehe..the best part of the journey, though dpt naik economy class, i dapat gak mkn chocolate sedap and a gift from the head steward...hihihi..baguih gak i ringan mulut hari tu...hehehe..alangkah best nye kalau dpt mkn chocolate tu lagi..
ape lg ye nk citer??hmmmm...continue later lah..when i hv the idea/ bored..hihi..