Sunday, June 13, 2010


*Khas buat mereka yg dirindui selalu: family, relatives, teachers and friends..jauh di mata tetapi sentiasa dekat di hati dan dlm doa ku..

Sekian lama ia berputik
Kini kian mekar
Harumnya seperti kenanga
Cantiknya umpama mawar
Indahnya bak gugusan melur di kepala.

Wajah kalian cuma mampu ku bayangkan
Tak dapat ku temukan sekarang..
Duhai hati yang menggamit RINDU

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I don't understand, why do people like to smoke? What on earth do they get from burning their money? Don't they know the consequences of it? Even if they knew about it that smoking may cause lung cancer, chronic bronchitis or emphysema etc., they still smoke :( Pathetic! And I don't understand either, despite all the advertisements saying smoking is bad for health, we still have and allow cigarettes selling everywhere? Are we encouraging the environment or trying to overcome this problem, here? Confused @.@
And for smokers out there.. Don't you love your family, relatives and friends? While you puffing the smokes proudly in front of us-the passive smokers, you are actually killing us silently. Don't you realize that? Is that how you show your love to us? Or you just hate us so much, you wanna kill us this way? *Now, am too emotional* Enough of you putting yourself in danger, please don't do the same to us.. If you want to smoke, do it elsewhere, far away from us so that the particles won't settle in our lungs. And please smoke at an open area where there's no non-smokers hang around because in a small, poor ventilated room, you still exposing us to the risk if we entered the room after you finished your business there. It's even better if you can quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle :D In the end, you'll realize how much money you can save per month after you stop smoking..Isn't that great?! We all know it's difficult, but try and put an endless effort to stop, insyaAllah, you'll manage to quit :)
Note: The cigarettes contain lots of noxious materials such as tar, nicotine, nitrosamines, benzopyrene, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, toxic irritants etc.. and once you burnt it, you'll activating them all. Through inhalation and absorption of the gasses plus the unseen detrimental materials, that's when you'll get the trouble. That is how it kills....
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I think this entry is the most difficult one. To talk about love.
Someone came to me and asked me: Sis, what's love like? How do you know it's love?
I was stunned and smiled; my mind was working so hard to find the answer as I don't want to disappoint her. I couldn't watch that face.
Sorry for taking so much time to answer your question..
To be honest, I'm not the best person to describe anything regarding love. I never have any experience to share with you, darling. I understand, the kind of love you referring to. Take it this way. I supposed it's not the same but still is applicable :D When u missed ur prayer, you feel bad and disappointed with yourself and seems like whole day wasn't on your side because you wanted to be the best for Him; when you read or listened to the seerah, you'll touch by the sacrifices of the Messenger and wish you could be there with him, be part of him; you miss your family when you are far away from them, you care and cried when you hear them suffer... Why do you feel these way? It's all because of love and affection..
I hope this could somehow help you to define the feeling you had. Maybe its not perfect, but I supposed, it's close enough.
this is one of my favorite song sang by my favorite singer :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

choices in life

Should I be silent,
Since silence is a bliss..
or should I express what I felt inside?
And omit not the truth that lies
In pursuing the path of happiness
Like the chirping birds flying in the skies

Freedom to talk
Freedom to write
Freedom to do anything
While many become ignorant
Are they really the freedom we are seeking for?
Or merely a rebellious heart that shaken for long?

Choose while you still can
Aware of the storm that hitting your heart
Does it bring you to the soothing light?
Or is just a whisper, to darkest side?

What should we do now?
What choice do we have?
Do our decisions will affect the world?
Should we stick to the trend played by others?
Becoming decent followers knowing not what was the game?

Think wise,
The neurons are there,
Synapse and stimulating each other,
and a soul that touches others
Why wasted the gift from Him?

So reflect, weigh and decide
Make a choice you won't regret
And pray for the best
Let Allah do the rest..