Thursday, July 19, 2012

ramadhan kareem from UK

salaam alaik

This ramadhan, i shall be all alone; sahur dan berbuka sendirian. well, that was what i thought in the first place. but later i have this idea! why dont i post a notice at the prayer room in the uni asking people's opinion on having an iftar and congregation prayer? if we cant do it daily, maybe one or twice a week would be nice :) And yes, i put up a notice on the white board (and got some responses!) and emails were sent to the sisters whom showed interest in joining this small gathering. May Allah bless this small effort and to all the single ladies ;)

What upset me the most is the responds from the sisters post e-mailing them with tonnes of emails (okay, maybe 4-5 emails',that ain't many right?). I'm just asking for a simple answer Yes or No so that I can plan how much food should be ordered and arrange other stuff as well. kalau tak mampu nk kuar kan duit utk mkn pun ckp je lah yg brp diorang mampu byr and i can pay the rest for them, inshaAllah. sedekah di bulan ramadhan kan bnyk pahala :D Can't they just type it and send it straight away. It's impossible for them not to read the emails as they were sent to the Uni email (all of them PGrad). I feel so disappointed in them!! Kita nk buat semua org ada semangat berbuka ramai2, bina ukhwah tp nk balas email pun payah. nasib baik tak kenal diorang tu sapa. cuma kwn atas kwn. sbb mmg dah hilang respect pd org macam ni.

Tak tau nk cerita pd sapa, so ni lah tmpt meluahkan perasaan :( O Allah, forgive all my sins.

*saya masih bersedih*