Friday, March 20, 2009


it's more than amonth now since i stepped into NZ specifically PN/ palmy..i was welcomed with heavy rain..basah kuyup che' tak pa..hujan kan 1 rahmat...alhamdulillah ksha was free that time so she picked me up at the small airport. i was going to kmazidah's place first b4 going to my place in kairanga court. i was so touched to know that they organized small mkn2 for came along in the rain were jue, bae and amri..sian depa, basah gak..jlln bertiga under 1 umbrella..huhuhu..they were very warmed and make me feel like tau je lah, after 13-14 hours flight n no rest, it was a disaster for me..mulalah malas nk bukak mulut bersuare..bkn sombong just tak adjust time lagi..hahaha..foods were great! thanks y'all :D
1 bende lagi actually banyak bende sebenarnye, they are very kind hearted, helpful and caring..anything that i need they will try their best to u all!!
yg peliknye when they asked whether or not i feel homesick or waana cry, i said NO??tp mmg betui pon, even when my family n friends sent me to the airport, i didn't cry! fact i felt really3X bored during the flight..but, hehehehe..the best part of the journey, though dpt naik economy class, i dapat gak mkn chocolate sedap and a gift from the head steward...hihihi..baguih gak i ringan mulut hari tu...hehehe..alangkah best nye kalau dpt mkn chocolate tu lagi..
ape lg ye nk citer??hmmmm...continue later lah..when i hv the idea/ bored..hihi..

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