Tuesday, June 14, 2011

back to nature

Hiking at broga hill and mt tok wan in semenyih is the first trip I had ever since I got back to msia in December 2010. We made our move there quite late actually at 630 am on Sunday, 1206201 as most of the hikers usually starts their climbing before dawn to witness the magnificent sunrise from the peak of Broga Hill. There were 8 of us for this leisure trip where we started to hike at 730am. The climb was not so difficult although I have to stop few times to catch my breath. After reaching the pinnacle at about 840am, we saw a signboard leading to Mt. Tok Wan which is a 3.1km further of hiking. After being persuaded by the rest of the group members, I finally joined them as I don't want to be left behind alone waiting under the bright hot blazing sun! We rest quite some times at Broga before proceed. The path to Mt. Tok Wan was quite challenging for me, a beginner in mountain climbing. But for those who are fit enough, I am sure this track is so easy for you. I really suggest to who ever wished to go here either Broga or Mt. Tok Wan to bring enough water as there's no river for you to refill your empty bottles throughout the track. Also, hike as early as possible as it shall be very hot after the sun rises. We left the mountain at 12 noon, hence we felt very dehydrated and weak on our way down hill.

Take home message:
1. Appreciate and be grateful for what Allah has given us. The nature is one of the best gift he's given us. Protect and preserve it well, do not litter, don't make any damage that could lead to imbalance in ecosystem and the last thing you know, you too will be affected by your own mistake!

2. A friend of mine looked at a different angle from this trip. In this world, if we are thirsty, we have money and we can buy water to replenish the water loss and we won't feel thirsty anymore. But in Mahsyar, if we don't have enough amal (good deeds) how can we be comfortable there? Our amal is our money there.

3. In this world, money is the basis of life. One has to listen to their boss and do our job well to get paid. The same rule applies for us to achieve happiness in Hereafter (heaven), we have to obey to Allah rules and perform our duty as Muslim.

*one of our group members is an active member of OGKL club. http://www.ogkl.com.my/

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