Monday, September 12, 2011

UK and government scholarships (KPT)

I think this is the best medium to share my experience handling this matter. For tutors out there who wish to study abroad doing master or phd to UK, I hope this will help you in a way to ease your process. I learn a lot from the process which brought me here and there, asking for these and those etc. So, here it goes ;)
1. Get yourself a place- after you have secured a supervisor in any university in the UK, get yourself an offer letter (conditional or unconditional).
2. Scholarship/ study leave application (SLAB/ SLAI)- wait no more and don't listen to others! This is very IMPORTANT!! Ppl might say the chance is very slim but who knows? You might be the lucky person! Just go ahead with the application and prepare yourself a supporting letter reasoning why u wish to study there. Your letter should be endorsed by HoD and the Dean of your faculty. Send your study leave/ scholarship application ASAP. If required, go and introduce yourself to TNCA since he/she will contribute in decision making for your study leave application at university stage before the forms being forwarded to MoHE for scholarship part. InshaAllah, once your study leave has been approved, your scholarship will follow :)
3. Visa- Once you have received CAS statement from Graduate school and ATAS letter which u apply via this website (if required), you may proceed with online Visa application at this website:
We are categorize underTier4 (general) students if we are sponsored by MoHE (KPT).MoHE nowadays only provides you with electronic version of letters and agreement. So make sure you colour print the financial affidavit etc to submit to visa application centre which is situated at Wisma MCA, Jln. Ampang. Mine was rejected at first because there's no signature?! Although there was an obvious statement there: this is computer generated, no signature is required. So, I went to MoHE just to seek for the documents to be certified as true copy. Ask Pn. Juita's help, she's a very nice and helpful lady :) Provide all the important documents such as the documents from MoHE ( everything regarding sponsorship), passport, english cert, CAS statement, ATAS cert, bank draft, your transcripts (degree/ master). Don't forget to bring along a copy of each originals document you gave them, if not they will keep all your original copies and won't be returned to you. ANOTHER IMPORTANT PART: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE CENTRE especially during peak months like August and September. Book your date here:
Mine was settled in 2 hours time. Alhamdulillah.
4. Book your seat- this part, I am sure everyone knows how to do it ;) Do it after you granted a visa.
I think that's all about it. Patience pays off, inshaAllah :D Good luck to all!

p/s: please pray for my success in your du'a, thank you :)


  1. yep Is :) in fact inshaAllah I'm leaving for UK friday nxt wk to do PhD. Wht's ur story? ktk jd dtg P/jaya kerja sini?

  2. i want to print the financial affidavit, do you still have the link?

    thanks in advance!