Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 days 1 night trip(15-16/04/09)

haha..missing my city life! palmerston north is not that crreepy but for me, the town is too quiet n sleepy..the treat to wellington was exciting with great nite cos the city is still alive at 10pm..hahaha...there were lots of shops to shop, got restaurant that sell halal meat that u can go to when u r hungry n still see the wonders of allah's's hilly there so, u can view a wonderful panorama from the hill and witness the stars filling the skies at night, the lights from the city n inhale fresh air at the same time..but since it is located further south, u wouldn't want to spend so much time outside because of the coldness...i just love the hectic days there in welly..hope to go there again :D but that doesn't mean i hate PN. i still love PN, a good place to study :)
stayed in welly for 1 day. the next day we were heading to cape palliser where the seal colony colonized the place..hahaha..not so many people lived there since it is so far away from town..perhaps the residents there are mainly fishermen 'cos we saw boats near the get there it was like more than 180km journey passing by mountains and paddocks and cattle and also is full of wonders! no word could describe how i felt that time... subhanallah....we stopped at least 3-4 times to snap some pictures.. the sky was clear, it was sunny, the animals grazed happily, the birds chirping, the wind blowed softly onto our faces, no was like we were in a perfect place! when we finally reach our destination, we climbed up to the lighthouse..there, the wind could blow u away! it was so strong that u could be blown away! we were hiding behind the lighthouse n were too holding on to whatever we could grab near us to stand the wind...we were too terrified n almost cried! despite feeling scared, i think it was also hilarious moment ever in my life!! never imagine it could turn up like that after feeling relieved we were finally there!(^_^)anyway, we continue our search for the seals that is supposed to be there...we couldn't find 1 n almost give up..but thanks to zuria, she saw a seal scratching its body on the rock on our way back home! from there, we stopped and saw many more!! alhamdulillah.....we were so happy though the smell of the area was unpleasant..hehehe...
so, we got home happily because our mission was accomplished! these people i went out with are awesome! zuria, ayu n fifey..thanks u guys...i just love doing these things with the 3 of u..hope to have a great vacation in the near future with u guys!*_*

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