Friday, June 12, 2009

winter in palmy

it has been a long time since i last updating my blog. well, it's not like nothing came across daily, it's just the laziness that struck me in these few weeks. winter in palmy is like rainy days in east coast of peninsular m'sia. but at some days, sunny days had added some essence to winter which is pretty amazing! i just love the sun though not so much of warmth i can get from her but i still thanked allah for that wonderful moment. beautiful, serene, pure....words couldn't described what i felt on that special days. unfortunately for me, i couldn't enjoyed every bit of my winter as i was and am still having my poor thing:( oh, there's 1 extraordinary day for me where the weather was so cold, it was -2oC and there was frost outside. the field in front of my flat was cover with frost and it appeared as it was lined with white carpet!! subhanallah..and car roof as well! it was a moment to remember since that is the only one time happened and no more after that...i wished just for a day of snow, but i don't really know whether i can manage the coldness later on...;)

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