Thursday, September 3, 2009

yesterday 030909

i laughed thinking of yesterday incident!...what a day! preparing solution for my experiment wasn't that exciting..i could feel the stupidity of calculating it...has been a while since i last making chemicals mixture..thank God there was no explotion in the lab! haha..exaggerating only :P
the funny thing was when I asked Hamish where I can keep my bacterial plates? which fridge is meant for them? and he answered, 'Do you want to DESTROY them?' I said, 'WHAT? I NVR WANNA DESTROY THEM, HAMISH! I HAVEN'T DONE THE EXTRACTION YET!'
Then Hamish was laughing sooooo hard I can see his face turn red and breathless....OMG! I told myself...Did I hear wrongly again? for like 100th times now??:P haha...He was actually saying do you wanna KEEP them in the fridge? (fast speed) What was I thinking that time? KEEP and DESTROY are 2 different words, pronounce differently..*&^%$ huhuhu malu siut!! nk cover malu tu I laughed together with him...:D tau apa mau jadi sama ini Sharina sudahhh...hohoho

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