Monday, March 15, 2010

La Tahzan Sharina

It was frustrating to see the result for Public Health paper...
I was so worried that I couldn't get to proceed with my Master degree study..So I met Natalia Benquet this morning to talk over about this matter and get some clarification. I told everything that she wanted to know, how I felt about this, what my expectations regarding this paper.. I never knew that I would cry in front of her, someone whom I can consider as a stranger..I can't hold this tears anymore, it was such a burden for me :'( Every now and then I would cry even while typing this..I need hugs, comforting words which motivate me to move on.I'm not as strong as some people thought I was...I knew the fact that I passed the paper,but I'm expecting more than I got because I believe I deserved more especially when I didn't know where went wrong as I and other students never receive our marks on time. The thing they always said to me was you explained well but just need to improve the stats part; and that was when they returned the last assignment to me; and I still get low marks?!..Now tell me, what can I do to correct my mistakes? How can I learn from the mistakes or flaws in doing academic writing when I do not know where my mistakes were in the first place??? However, it was all too late, TOO LATE!! The thing left for me is to work harder and harder for my thesis..


  1. kakak sharina,
    it's ok kalau perlu menangis, mungkin tangisan tu akan buatkan kita untuk terus bangkit, kuat dan teruskan apa yang perlu dibuat.

    I hope everything will be fine.:)

  2. Kak Sha, sorry to hear this. Kita g makan2 nak? Bila akak free? My treat! :D

  3. yes u can sharina! all out for your master research and i believe u can do much more better :)

  4. salam ziarah akak,
    how's everything going?

    Hebatnya akak, still have that spirit..keep it up..

    we need people like u..

    rindunye nak lepak-lepak at your room :(