Thursday, April 1, 2010


Event: Festival of Culture
Organizer: Palmerston North City Council
Venue: The Square
Time: 9.00am -5.00 pm
This is the time of the year, where people from all parts of the world in Palmy gathered and displayed their culture. Variety of food sold; people wearing their best and colourful traditional clothes; dancers danced to the musics etc. Many stalls were up promoting their own countries' uniqueness :) Well, for MUMSA, this year happened to be its first time performing in FoC. Cool!!Well, if we have more people and sponsors, we can work together with the Malaysian Manawatu Group/ Club and set up good team work in promoting our beloved country. Maybe we could have 2 booth, 1 selling food and besides it having multimedia stuffs showing our beautiful country, where Malaysia is in the world's map (I bet not many know where Malaysia is exactly!), display the clothes, play our songs, the dances, the games..many other things can be included..easy said than done..but hey, if we never do it, we never know how it will turn up! it's all about teamwork, it's all about sincerity, it's all about love and passion..we are the little ambassador here. Show them what we got! Overall, for me, this year's was much better than last year.

Event: Farmer's day
Location: Dairy farm in Woodville
Time: 9.00-11.30 am
A sudden decision to go to Woodville after Dennis called me that morning postponing my trip to Mana Island due to bad weather. Went there with KShikin and daughters and KFatan :) It's been awhile since I last visit to any farm. Felt good after visiting this place. Refreshed my knowledge on dairy cattle nutrition (I forgotten most of this part, I tk minat, huhu), the biology part, the milk science topic (well I got to answer most of his Q, which is satisfying!!) I was very impressed to see the technology they implement in their farm. From irrigation system, to calculating the dry matter of the grass, the 7 minutes moving milking parlor, the device they have in the collecting tank; siap ada GPS nk cari shortcut to get to a farm. The driver is well taught on how to use a device used to check for the milk whether it can be mixed to another bigger tank in factory or not. They check for the protein, water, fat, somatic cell count. SCC mesti lower or within normal range kalau tinggi maksudnye ada jangkitan lah pd mana2 cow di farm tu. The farmer showed us his silage, ah, saya rindu sungguh bau silage yg manis :D the cows there, were all big and healthy! Friesien Holstein breed.

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