Friday, May 7, 2010

Airport and goodbye

Sending off people at the airport has never been my favorite. 5th May marked a date when Ben left us for good. But he was so sure he'll come back to Massey next year! Auf wiedersehen! You better be right about this Ben! hahaaa, sounded like a warning :P It's because we miss you here :( I couldn't hold my tears seeing him waving and say goodbye. I saw his eyes filled with tears too. It's hard to say goodbye, I know.. I'm touched by the way he respected me as a muslim woman. He still remember how muslim women n men who are not their mahram should behave i.e no closed body contact like no hugging, shake-hands etc. :)

I'm grateful for the chance that Allah has given us to be friends.I like the way you think and expressing your thoughts.. Hardly for me to hear you judging anyone. You are the most optimist man I have ever known which of course good since you were spreading positive vibration in the office ;)
To know you, is the price I couldn't pay. Priceless!

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