Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the best day for mothers out there. No matter where you are.. Of course, to appreciate them is not only on this date but suppose to be everyday. However, 9th May 2010 marked another special day for mothers around the globe.
Talking to my mom over the phone has been a routine for me weekly..This time, she has more good stories related to mother's day, her heartfelt, her enquiries and her gratitude to Allah SWT as she is still able to see her children grow and lead their own life. I'm touched by the way mom said this.
I remembered she told me years ago when I was 14. She has her own dream, she pictured herself working as an English teacher, busy marking exam papers, having students in front of her and make her own money, buy her own desired stuffs... Allah knows best for her.. Grandpa was always working outstation while Granny always sick. Granny suffered from pneumonia and with lack of medicinal treatment plus her reluctant to see the doctor, worsened her condition and past away at the age of 55. So, mom has to take over Granny's duty and took care of all the household, from cleaning the house, preparing meals, washing the dishes and clothes etc. Mom decided to quit her school and finished her secondary school till form 3 to look after her 5 siblings because it's too much for her. How devastated she could be during that time to forget her own ambition for others' happiness. I couldn't dare to imagine. Mom, your sacrifices is very noble to me :) As the first child, she gave a lot to her family. Telling me your life stories once in a while made me realized, you are actually peeping your dreams with me. To flip through the memories you had and shared them with me has made me feel so special. For I know, that you don't actually tell people even to your siblings what you felt because you are strong inside. You hold things to yourself and find your own way to heal your soul. I can't imagine if I'm in your shoe.
Reflecting back of what I had was totally different from what mom had gone through. I am blessed and will always be for having you as my mom. Everything you did was the best for me. You never want to see me going through the hardships like you had and tries to protect me till the present day. I love you mom! Happy mother's day and Happy birthday :)

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