Wednesday, June 2, 2010

choices in life

Should I be silent,
Since silence is a bliss..
or should I express what I felt inside?
And omit not the truth that lies
In pursuing the path of happiness
Like the chirping birds flying in the skies

Freedom to talk
Freedom to write
Freedom to do anything
While many become ignorant
Are they really the freedom we are seeking for?
Or merely a rebellious heart that shaken for long?

Choose while you still can
Aware of the storm that hitting your heart
Does it bring you to the soothing light?
Or is just a whisper, to darkest side?

What should we do now?
What choice do we have?
Do our decisions will affect the world?
Should we stick to the trend played by others?
Becoming decent followers knowing not what was the game?

Think wise,
The neurons are there,
Synapse and stimulating each other,
and a soul that touches others
Why wasted the gift from Him?

So reflect, weigh and decide
Make a choice you won't regret
And pray for the best
Let Allah do the rest..

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