Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letter to you, mother


Although there were many people around me lately, accompanying me, listened to my ramblings, laughed and cried with me, I still left with lonesome feeling. I called you almost every other day. Strange, right? But there's this one emotion every time I hear your voice-happy and comfort. I wish you're right by my side.

I noticed there's different in your voice tone recently- distressed about me. Don't be sad, don't cry mother.. I am fine, and inshaAllah will be fine too in the future =) I have faith in Him. I feel safe every time I say His names/ zikr.. It's you that I am concerned about. Your health and your safety. Physically, I am miles apart from you to take care of you. But I'll be home soon mother, inshaAllah and I know I can rely on Him to protect you from harm. We have Allah and He is very near to us. Pray to Him, He will grant our prayers. Have patience as patience is beautiful in the eyes of Allah. It's true that distance makes hearts grow fonder :')

Thank you for loving me and being so patient in raising me, mother.
p/s: I love you.

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