Monday, March 21, 2011

world book day? hari buku sedunia?

It's funny to have a world book day because i never realize there's such an annual event..each year, we celebrate it on 23rd April.. I thought we should read books everyday?! well, few pages of book(s) a day is considered fine with me :P ok, maybe considered fine isn't appropriate here, haha.. i hope i didn't sound like cynical/skeptical/pessimist or anything you can call a negative expression,to be honest, i do love the idea and i think it's good to have this kind of occasion. At least people will be motivated/ inspired to get a book for that special day and read it seeing everybody around you holding a book ;)
Currently, I am reading 2 books (depending on my mood which one to read)-The lovely bones by Alice Sebold, and Khadijah RA dan Aisyah RA: inspirasi cinta di balik peribadi Rasulullah by Eman Sulaiman. 
Can't wait to get home and read them all!!, gambate!!!! work work work!!!

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