Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ape kamu buat sekarang?

Many people ask me this same question over and over again. penat den nk jawab. so, THESE are what I do ever since I am back to work :)
I can say that I am happy with what I am doing now though the reality of workload has increased from time to time compared to before I did my Master degree.
I started taking prac class every friday morning from 9-12pm. It may sound easy or small thing, but the effort we put to prepare for the class is so huge that can take a week to settle and ready with the materials required not to mention some new information has to be injected as well... I am grateful to Allah that I have great people working at bacteriology lab who are willing to help and offer wonderful co-operation! Alhamdulillah!!!
I too involved in small research myself just to make myself pre-occupied with things. Time is money (gold actually, hehe) and so does knowledge and experiences. Grab any chances while you still can. You don't have to make a big leap to win a race, start with a small step then it will guide you to the wide, beautiful future, inshaAllah :D slow and steady win the race :)
PhD is next in line but I Don't wanna talk about it yet. Let time and scholarships decide. hehee
Comprehensive exams for the final year students is just around the corner. Jia you to them all!! Hope you guys ace in this exam! susah wohhh....baca buku sungguh2, kena pandai relate all from pre-clin to para-clin to clinical stuffs ;) not an easy job, aye? whether you are ready or not, the xm is next week!wuhoo!!! berusahalah sampai ke saat akhir..i went through it before and i know how it feels...argh, crazy!!
sebenarnye nk cerita, I am responsible to escort the external assessors from beginning till they leave the fac. oh, berdebar2..hehee. kne bwk pi jejln plak tu. nk bwk blh, inshaAllah tp I bukannye tahu jln2 nih..hohoho...tolong!!!
Ni lagi satu, kne siapkan thesis corrections. Penting sgt2 tu. kalau tk, tk grad saya ni haa..nauzubillah..
Alhamdulillah minor corrections je and my supervisor yg garang tu pun nk tlg, fuhhh... If not, tk tau cheq nk buat lagu mana..huuuu..ok. jom berusaha sama2!
To be honest, rindu nk jumpe mak. masuk bulan ni, dah 2 bln tk blk ipoh, tk jumpe family :( aduihhhh...not till nxt month nmpknye..semangat mesti kental!!
Tu je nk kongsi ;) 

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