Wednesday, November 23, 2011

nothing to regret. grateful. alhamdulillah.

8 months stayed in Malaysia was wonderful! though at times stressed did knock on my door, but with friends around, it did help. maybe not helping with the work, but just being there and willing to lend their ears, it was such a relief! Ramadhan was another new experience i never had before. this Ramadhan, we went to mosques for break-fast. when i say we, it refers to my housemate and I and sometimes our 1 or 2 other friends would joined us. subhanAllah, i couldn't describe the feeling, it was like? i don't ur heart feel so peaceful, happy (i knw it was more than tht) & u don't want to leave the place. u just want to be there all the time. i really miss those beautiful moment. i surely will cherish it till the end of my life. eid was fun too! met most of my relatives. been ages since we were last met! semua dah besar panjang, cantik2 and handsome2 belaka..hahaa.. those short time spent wisely and meaningfully, alhamdulillah. fulfilled my mom's dream too..inshaAllah will do it again mom! hehe..ronda2, singgah solat from masjid to masjid in every stop, inshaAllah.hopefully i'll be more brave in driving in future (competent) and go a bit farther than Ipoh and KL. hahaa!

rindu rumah sebenarnye. :D

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