Friday, November 11, 2011

it's not a song i wanted to sing

things aren't always turn out just how we want them to be. surely, there'll be missing pieces here and there, making turns before we reach our objective (duh, so boring). but, yeah, that's the reality we have to live in! at times, well, if you are lucky enough, you'll find it as a mysterious yet interesting adventure you have ever had in life! however, when it is the other way around, you'll definitely feel miserable :( everything seems so wrong, your nose bleeding, your head is going to blow out, you feel you going to vomit bla bla bla.. what would you do? cover yourself with duvet and snooze?...yeah, that's what most people would do. better than throw your rage to others i supposed.
should it happen to me at any time or situation (well, it happened to me yesterday), i do feel horrible :( especially when I am at the top of my spirit to do work when suddenly something just isn't right come in my way. i feel like screaming!!!!! i need to do my job, now! but I can't focus! :( so, i run back home after clearing up my lab bench. yes, I do make my place clean first before I leave. I hate messy table! Despite what happened, God actually is trying to send me a message. I believe so.
On my way back (my flat is quite a distance from Uni), I saw many unfortunate people-an elderly woman carrying her oxygen tank alone, a man on wheelchair crossing the road, a young girl with neuro signs..Oh, what I suffered is just...nothing! Maybe I am so obsess on being a focus and hardworking student I forget that some difficulties in life is just to test whether you are thankful for the bright days, your health and your easy paths..
Take it as a bonus from God, to have a day or 2 off; hoping you'll replenish your energy the following week, inshaAllah.
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone :)
*I need to get myself iron tablets and multivitamins for this winter.I 'love' pills!

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal..

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