Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid al-Adha 1431H

It has been a great day today, alhamdulillah. This year I celebrated Eid al-Adha in NZ. I am loving every moment of it :) Well, most of it because of the warm welcoming of invitation by invitation from house to house :D but the important part that should not be forgotten is building rapport with the community here..Btw, it's Wednesday today, so work has to be completed before I can enjoy myself in the evening :P The most memorable occasion on this date I could say was my last raya visit to Kak D's house. Not only on Eid but every time I visited Kak D and Abg Musli, we always had a brilliant, critically thinking topics to discuss. And there's no exception for today too. What enlightened the discussion today was the presence of Abg Mat Zamri and Kak Laila. We threw some enquiries that have been wondering in our minds to Ustaz Zamri regarding our beloved Prophet S.A.W. life and his wife Aisyah, about the Quran authenticity, the different in mazhabs etc. The way Ust Zamri answers to all the questions prepared us on how to tackle these sort of issues when asked by curious people out there. :) Thank you Allah for having set this chance for us to sit down and discuss them all.

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  1. wahh bestnyaa.. mmg lg best ada kak laila n abg mat :) all the best utk tesis u :)