Saturday, January 16, 2010

today, yesterday and restaurant review :P

Today shall be my first time staying alone in kak laila's house..Nuha has moved to a new place which is only a few steps away..hehehee..I can run there whenever I wanted to ;) Helped her at her studio-home and I even prepared lunch-Nasi Lemak yg tk lemak, Sambal tumis ikan bilis yg tk pedas, telur rebus n ayam goreng berempah..I shall miss the girls' talking over dinner and a company watching tv :(

Yesterday I had breakfast with Nuha n her friend, Dr. Jijan (Azizan) at The Coffee Club. I tried Vienna's actually long black coffee topped with's so bitter; although I have added 3 sachet of sugar, the bitterness is still there! Overall, I love the ambience there, love the smell of coffee in the shop..The arrangement  n space in between seats were just nice makes the place cosy. I think I love doing this kind of activity during the weekend! I'll try to spend some times n taste different kind of coffee at different shops around Palmy..

Yesterday too, we went to Wellington!! hahaa...just because Jijan wanted to have lunch at Kayu Manis ;) The place is beautiful and comfortable with great treatment from the waitress :D Not so many people dine here..I was told by Nuha n Jijan that the price were different. At noon, the price is much cheaper compared to late afternoon..We assumed that they wanted to attract many people to come and lunch there, hence the price is reduced.. Anyway, we shared our meal there. The char kuey teow was tasty, nasi lemak was..erm, I could say fair??hehe..doesn't suit my taste bud, sorry :( btw, their satay n its peanut sauce were good but can't challenge Satay Kajang and Satay Endut :D I had soto ayam-the soup was great, the taste of the spices were balance..Unfortunately, the shreaded chicken meat was terrible!! It's fortunate that I didn't suffer from stomach upset.

That's all for the review :P I'll update whenever I go to a new place for dining, insyaAllah :)

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