Wednesday, April 28, 2010

when is my turn?

Lately I kept having the same dream; almost every night. It was so beautiful, I don't even want to wake up. A dream that I hope would last..
I met abah, he was wearing all-white attire looking so handsome, fair and young. He sat in this well-lighted place, so peaceful. He smiled at me when he saw me approaching him :) I hugged him wouldn't want to let him go. After he convinced me, I laid my head on his shoulder while he stroke my head with his gentle touch. Just like the way he used to do when I was a kid. Words couldn't describe the happiness I felt. Even it was merely a dream, I still thanked You, Allah. That was the only chance I had to be with him.
My prayer to you abah: Allahumaghfirlahum warhamhum wa'afihim wa'fu'anhum..

*Every soul has its given date. When is mine? I do not know. But the major question is: Am I ready for it?

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