Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New thing to venture

Date: 10 April 2010
Day: Saturday
Time: ~11am- finish
Venue: Waitarere Forest, Levin
Husna promoting the Great forest 10km fun walk/run event in Levin to me early last week. At first I doubt I can do it but at the same time I am thrill to try something new! This event was my first ever! 10km is quite a challenge for me as I was not a trained walker/ runner. I am just an ordinary, casual walker..
There were about more than 300 people entered this 10km fun walk category. My aimed was not to win but merely to make it to the finish line, because I know I won't be able to do so as I am not fit. However, I did my very best in making sure I achieved my objective :) And yes, I made it, hooray!!! Everyone got their own finisher commemorate medal..People from all walks of life, all age range and different parts of NZ have gathered and joined this particular event. To my surprise, even senior citizens showed their potential in entering the marathon (run and walk) which is about 20km ++! I saw their faces were all red, they were bathed with sweat, they breath so hard and yet still running as hard as they can! MasyaAllah, where on earth they get their stamina from?! Hence I asked one lady, although she wasn't so old but she's 40+. She told me that she did this annually since young but for 10km, this was her second time. Her story reminds me of Ita, an Irish-born old lady whom currently stayed in Feilding. She's almost 70! I met Ita during my tramping trip to 3 bushes in a day last month. She was a very wonderful lady, telling me all she knew about trees, birds, mushrooms etc. She loves the bushes so much as she was raised in this kind of environment. She used to hard works, long distance walking and hiking, therefore it wasn't a problem for her to climb the hilly journey during the trip. Now, I felt like sending her a postcard..I miss the talking. I wish I could go to her house one day as she promised me to show her collection of nature's book.
Back to the Great forest event..Along the way in the forest, I came across a number of colourful mushrooms, trees, and birds. The birds sang a melodious song making my walk that day a lovely one! SubhanAllah..I felt so peaceful in the middle of the forest! Trees on both sides met each other, providing shades in the aisle leaving us with an ease of walking during noon..Thank you Allah for making it an easy day for me.

Venue: Foxton beach
Time: 2.00pm till 3.30pm
This was our (husna, lakshmi, shoukai and I) next stop. Had our sandwiches, cake and chips here..We 'buried' shoukai at the beach..Well, she volunteered to be buried :P Husna and I performed our prayer at he new platform (went there last year, there's no platform yet). While we prepared ourselves, many eyes were focusing on us. Maybe they have never seen Muslims pray in other places apart from the mosque. At that moment, we prayed at least we touched their hearts by showing them, it is not difficult to be a muslim. No matter where we are, we should be proud to be one! Hope the seed of iman in everyone of us grow and live well by nurturing it with prayer and dua (just like fertilizing and watering the plant to ensure it live)..

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  1. yayyyy we did it! 10km! Congrats to you!! 10km for the first timer! u should be proud of yourself!