Friday, April 16, 2010


Why do I smile?
I smile because I am happy
I smile because I saw something beautiful
I smile because I know you
I smile because I remembered sweet memories
I smile because I felt grateful I can live for another day
I smile because He ease my day
I smile because I know He is still there for me

I too smile to hide my anger and silliness
I also smile to chase away my sadness
And I do smile to strangers to untie the awkwardness

But most of the time,
I simply smile because,
I want to see you smiling back at me :)

Smile, and the world will smile back at you!


  1. saya doakan arwah tenang disana bersama golongan org beriman. amin. sama2 kita bersedia.. hughh.. saya jauh di belakang....

  2. fusuna san, ameen..thanks for the du'a. lets work hard together to reach balance in life. dunia n akhirat :) help to remind each other as the prophet used to say,' we mukmins are brothers/ sisters; sesungguhnya org mukmin itu bersaudara'. kta syg akan saudara kta therefore we want each n everyone become a better person n goes to jannah insyaAllah. ukhwah fillah insyaAllah.